Taylor Hicks: the Most Maligned Celebrity Ever?

Taylor Hicks, is he the most maligned celebrity ever? Do bloggers and media types have it in for him? Wait, when is the last time he’s hit a printed magazine? People and their bachelor issue was a while back. My Darling Man works for a company that specializes in Time magazine as well as a few entertainment magazines. To date, I haven’t seen Hicks maligned or even for that matter, included in anything I’ve read in printed media for a long while. So my first thought on reading this obviously heartfelt statement, ‘most maligned celebrity ever’ was – please are you serious?

The writer is one of IDOL BLUES regulars, she had much to say including, “Everyone seems to know just exactly what Taylor should be doing to achieve success. Everyone seems to have something to criticize. Sometimes I think he is the most maligned celebrity ever.”

Now I’m not sure who ‘everyone’ is, like I said, haven’t really read that much about him lately with the exception of on-line blogs and the occasional morning program. That said, most of the press he’s been doing of late, has been positive and promotional. Media talking heads have been very kind to him on the morning talk shows. They’ve all asked him the same questions over and over again and he’s replied with the same answers. All has been very tame, sometimes fun and rather peachy. I’ve seen no maligning.

“People post on blogs, people who don’t know Taylor from Adam, yet they seem to know what he ‘means’, what he’s trying say, what he wants. Does anyone have any faith that maybe the man has a method to his madness? That perhaps he knows things we don’t about his choices, that he may have a different career path than the one we would like to foist on him? Taylor seems to be a very intelligent man.”

In that statement, the poster is doing that very thing she’s arguing against. She’s imagining what he’s thinking and that he knows what he’s doing and knows he just has to have a Mensa IQ going on. I read that on many of the only-positive-words-allowed blogs out in internet land.

This poster added, “I say ‘Keep the Faith’. It’s his career. All we can do is support him. If you can’t, then maybe you should just let him get on with it. This is simply meant as my opinion. I’m not a hater, or anything like that. I read your blog daily, and mostly enjoy it. I just wonder what Taylor feels when there seems to be so much second guessing of his decisions.”

While I appreciate her being a Taylor Hicks’ fan. I do have to disagree on several points.

“Keep the Faith” for one. Who says I have lost or never had faith? This blog has his name in it, right? I haven’t bean-canned it yet now have I? Regarding it’s his career, Amen on that, I have no monetary vested concerns in what he does.

Regarding support the guy, it’s what I have done since January of 2006. Certainly I’m not throwing glitter in the air or spamming other sites with Billy Mays impressions. Too, I’m not always knocked out by everything he has done career wise or musically. I don’t think he’s the hottest man to grace this Earth either. My questioning actions he may do, is in no way standing in the man’s way – so I don’t understand the ‘let him get on with it’ phrase I read so often. I say, get on with it Mr. Hicks, go for it, but hey, I have a brain, albeit perhaps not Mensa IQ caliber and I sometimes I just wonder what the Hell is going on.

Questioning a celeb or star or politician for that matter, is not a bad thing. We’re not in George Orwell’s nightmare – yet – being a person in the public limelight does not give you absolution from the curious on-lookers. In fact often it’s controversy that draws people’s interest about someone, that’s a fact proven through many aspects of our media. Hicks is not unfamiliar with this concept.

In my blog post I’m not assuming Mr. Hicks is ‘saying’ any damn thing, nor ‘thinking’ any damn thing. I’m writing my observations. My questions remain unanswered in the original post: His band – what’s up with that? Most musicians have a regular band they perform and record with – his approach – appearing on the talk shows with guys separate from what’s on the disc, what does that say? Anyone have a theory? All I read is “Leave Taylor Alone!” Makes me think of Chris Crocker, insert Taylor Hicks. No one addressed the topic over whether he’s really in this game for the music or is he just chasing Fame either.

I thank the large group that hits me daily, who hit me from where you really live, as well as all you guys wearing out ‘hidemyass’ and Reston, VA. I thank the few friendly souls who post to the blog on occasion. I am pleased everyday when I see so much interest in Mr. Hicks. It may come as a surprise to many of you but I feel good about the number of folks who stop by on a regular basis – it’s very encouraging to me regarding his chances for the success that he desires, on whatever level that may be. You see dear poster, and you readers, I’m not a ‘hater’ either.

Speaking of, Taylor Hicks single is now on the market on iTunes. Click on the link to purchase “What’s Right is Right”. You can click Taylor Hicks’ myspace to add your positive praise about this latest offering.

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“Little Girl Blue” Janis Joplin on the Tom Jones Show

great video by Rhinoannon


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