Taylor Hicks, Not Clowning Around

Taylor Hicks performed one of his ‘shadow tour’ concerts last night in Chicago at Martyrs Restaurant and Bar. So far only a few tidbits of on-line noise circling the internet this morning. Many of the gals I read that attended the show likely still sleeping it off this morning.

Word out, Mr. Hicks wasn’t just clowning around when he told recent M&G gals about not taking pictures, recording the songs at Martyrs. According to one concert attendee, “By the way, while Taylor was singing “What’s Right Is Right” he saw someone with a camera pointed at him and he said, “get that camera out of here.” He means business.”

I just had to laugh to think he’d pause in mid-sentence to shout at some lady snapping pics. I imagine him yelling out mid-stanza or something – then getting right back into the tune, “When you’ve got a dream… put the damn camera up!…reach for the sky…”.

The fans who follow Hicks on-line seem to have their skirts in a knot over Taylor not wanting pre-record release recordings, photos or Youtubed vids to be available prior to release of the new material, if even then. Many Loyalists to Hicks repeat their mantra about following Mr. Hicks’ wishes as if he’s some sort of guru heading some special sect, perhaps he is to them. Others are getting their rebel on and saying who cares, cheering on the bootleggers.

Personally I’m getting a tickle out of the Teacher’s Pets who are writing, “I wouldn’t watch it because Taylor has made it absolutely clear that this is NOT how he wants us to hear his new music for the first time! I respect that. Personally, I hope that if anyone attempts to record or cellcert they get bounced out of the place on their idiotic arrogant asses”. That made me think of those cute little monkeys. I can just imagine them giving a ‘yip’ if someone posts material not sanctioned by Taylor and quickly covering their eyes, hitting the sound button on their computer; they’re such good fans. I guess it’s good that folks are complying, to get caught with camera or recording devices can get you tossed from the club and your equipment confiscated. You can also be shown the door to litigation court for that violation. My view is, if it is posted and stated no recording etc. while you are at a show, then don’t violate the rules or face the consequences.

It’s glaringly obvious “the Why” about Hicks’ not wanting a cell cert or recordings to emerge from his shadow tours. Taylor Hicks needs this to be a successful venture, with that in mind, he’s got to be very careful with material release, how it is handled. Too there’s the profit margin issue to contend with – free material on line might cut into the profits of the sale of the real product. Interesting too to see if any of the local entertainment writers will show up to cover Mr. Hicks at any of the venues or if that is being denied at this point as well. Take that one step further are any of the entertainment writers even interested? I’d think so considering the press he’s been doing in some of the tour cities so far and after all, he was that reality show winner.

That said, Mr. Hicks should want to share his new material, be open with the fans more. He’s still thinking along the mindset that the less out there the more folks will be interested. Shouting out at fans while you’re in mid-song not real good P.R. either but I understand the frustrations. Hell, just recently at one of Darling Man’s band performances some of the ladies present were damn annoying with their popping up and down and talking through the guys’ set. Small scale example, but suffice to say, I get it.

Perhaps Mr. Hicks will see the light and start filming his shows to put up on one of his websites, you know, to draw more traffic. I’m looking forward to the video created by Jake Davis, no word out yet on where this video will be seen first. I guess that’s one more thing Mr. Hicks deems placed on a need to know basis… At least Mr. Davis understands the benefits of providing a teaser peek.
(Click picture)Mr. Davis has a little Leonardo DiCaprio thing going on in that photo.
“Tears of a Clown” Smokey


3 Responses to Taylor Hicks, Not Clowning Around

  1. itsallgrey says:

    What’s really interesting is that this video was promoted to be released in early January. I don’t even know why I thought that would really happen. Obviously, once I found out the shoot date, I knew that it wasn’t a possibility. But, just another pushback from Taylor Hicks.

  2. spinshack says:

    Well, Grey those excuses will keep on rollin, but we’ll keep on watchin’ won’t we? ha. Check Gray’s site, he’s got up a vid now. lol He needs just come on back already.

  3. chill says:

    Hey, the words you crossed out were more accurate. LOL Yes, we slept in, then had to have something to eat. My insides were churning.

    And, yes, Gray just needs to come on back. I picture the scene in the Godfather with Michael, They just keep pulling me back in. haha Never a dull moment, is there?

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