Censorship; how do you spell it?

In Taylor Hicks’ fan world it seems to be B-O-O-G-I-E. The Season of the Soul site popped up in the Taylor Hicks alerts this morning with the blogger reviewing her recent treatment by the powers that be on The Boogie Board. I’ve heard tales before about the site administrators being controlling over the type of material and information allowed seen on the site. I know it’s a private board and you have to gain entrance to be allowed to read it and post. I also recall a time when some sort of major dissension occurred between moderators and the gossip behind the who and why of that little circus.

I’m not writing this to stand up for Wonder, the “Season of the Soul” blogger. I don’t really know her nor do I belong to her forum, of which from what I understand is one of those not taking on any more members. What I am writing about is the idea of censorship. This very continuing and prevalent circumstance one of the very things that lends to giving Taylor Hicks’ fans a bad rap, the ‘cult-like’ following reputation tied to the guy. It’s almost like a secret enjoinder anyone writing or following Hicks need know, be careful of what you write and what tone you might use to do it in. Of course, with the written word what is put in print can be mentally construed in various ways dependent upon the mindset of those reading and perhaps how they view the particular writer.

This issue ties in with the continuing saga of the green-eyed monster battle to be first in the Hicks’ camp to get word of and by the guy. Now I’m not talking about the Sue from Peoria types who simply post on sites – I’m talking about the site owners and forum moderators, not all but many, are in some sort of bizarro land competition to be the first with the most.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m combining censorship, information, the green-eyed monster of envy and The Boogie, it’s simple. Apparently during a Meet & Greet with Taylor Hicks, certain ladies were given a message from him regarding upcoming concert behaviors. He requested they pass on the word to not plan to record or film the upcoming concert at Martyrs this weekend in Chicago. Seems Mr. Hicks does not want folks taking material, namely any new material he may have on this new CD scheduled to come out in March and pass any of it around. The ladies,pleased he selected them to confide in, dutifully started hitting the sites and passing the word. The Boogie Board, apparently one of their on-line bases, so natch they spread the info on that site. Moderators for whatever reason, whether green-eyed envy – or the validity of the information – selected to erase the posts and ban the people spreading the message.

Talk about killing the messenger.

Yesterday on Taylor Hicks’ MySpazz page a message showed up, it was brief:

” Thursday, January 15, 2009
Live Show Policy
Please note that for all live appearances, there is a strict no recording policy. This applies to all video recording devices, including amateur and professional video cameras as well as cellular telephones. This policy will be strictly enforced.”

No “Hi-de-ho! or “How’s it kicking”, or “How’s your Grandma!” Keeping it brief to the point of terseness. This the only message he’s has posted on that site since December 3rd. But wait, now his profile reads he’s female and 109 years old. Is that to be some form of humor injected?

Now, I’m sure the Taylor Hicks fan soldiers will feel the need to add how busy he is, he doesn’t have time to blog blah, blah, blah to infinity; that’s pure and simple nonsense. If he had time to write those words, which likely he did not, he would have time to add a few fonts of niceties to his fans who hang on that site every day. Shame on his MySpazz writer for being negligent in the communication front. Considering this guy has a new record coming out and all that appears on that site as a blog entry is that message? I just shake my head.

Grey has up that picture on her site which could carry a big message. So, forums with your controlling moderators, just go ahead and continue the censorship of your messages, ban the fans who have been loyal and long-term members – Taylor Hicks, keep authorizing terse messages once every few months, Soul Patrol soldiers keep running interference.

Let’s hide and watch how this works out.


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