Dark Side of the Loon, I mean, Moon

The website I’m referring to in my post today is not a Taylor Hicks’ fan site, per se, but they do talk about the man. Once this particular site was somewhat witty, interposed with a healthy yet palatable amount of snark served on the side. This has recently been replaced with more than a touch of the paranoid served with a sizable portion of malicious.

Taylor Hicks’ fan base obviously has those folks who look for a fight, a rumble in the fan jungle if you will. It’s comical really and often entertaining. After a while it’s possible to actually look at those who rant and carry on with something akin to fondness. Those loose cannons love to fire blindly in the dark of the internets. Perhaps their minds wrap around some sort of eternal competition since they originally discovered Taylor on a reality competition show. In actuality these folks end up competing among themselves. It’s what it’s all about really: Them.

When no issue exists in true reality, these combative folks find something, someone, to turn their apparent need to establish dominance. Maybe their personal lives lack something. Lack true purpose, desire, ambition. They look to their computer to establish self-worth through berating, bullying and – in their minds – “destroying” others they encounter on-line. Bids for territory on the fan sites and boards put me in mind of the Medieval times; warring parties juggling for land and treasure. Perhaps we as a civilization retain those ideals and thoughts in our minds, masking them for the most part, until something comes along to trigger that primitive within. Curiously, a reality show seems to be what sets the fans who engage in on-line “battles” into that mind-set.

It’s entertaining watching the folks point fingers back and forth decrying who is the Loon, what is the Dark side, who is in the right. As we teeter-totter to and fro on the blue green orb that is our world, creating new worlds within the darkness of our internet, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…


6 Responses to Dark Side of the Loon, I mean, Moon

  1. littlewing says:

    Yeah, I kind of had the same thoughts Sunny. The site that took the loons to task is now drawing the same type of negative attention to the Hicks fanbase they once decried. Ironic.

    Those full moon threads are certainly entertaining reading, though at some point, all of the infighting gets repetitive and it morphs into something of a “battle of the egos.” Human nature, I guess.:)

  2. spinshack says:

    littlewing, it’s uncanny how those that cried loon now are themselves mimicking that cry. lol Certainly the past 2 weeks have seen a change in the characters – names at least – and the overall vibe of the site. “Morph” that’s ironic too isn’t it? Not insulting that gal with the moniker, but the site has ‘morphed’.

  3. littlewing says:

    yeah Sunny, the irony of the word “morphed” came to mind as I typed it, lol.

    However, I really like reading that site and the differing opinions there. Like in “real life”, it seems blogs are no different than high school sometimes. I really hate to see that our outspoken friend has left there. *sigh* That’s unfortunate.

  4. spinshack says:

    Yes, but really it’s unfortunate for the site. She gave it some color and yet another alternate view proposed with a playful slant. Guess they don’t want playful. Sometimes too when the posters are attempting to be funny in a sarcastic way they just don’t have the chops to pull it off. Rosie managed that quite well. Maybe they were just ‘jellus’, lol.

    I like to read there too, but the past week was somewhat of a downhill turn.

  5. rosie says:

    Spin, I colored it a rosey pink, but they favor gray to black. In the end I was black and blue. They swim in gray water over there.

  6. spinshack says:

    Rosie, I think what has happened it someone forgot to purify the pool. It’s turned into a dank place. It once was fun, witty somewhat but now, man, what a dire vibe. The way they attacked you with your bright wit and bouncy demeanor made no sense whats so ever. I see you as rosie pink, always. They were just “jellus” darlin.

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