Taylor Hicks Needs No Doctor – Perhaps Just a Time Machine

Taylor Hicks in yet another video from that night at Marty’s, this time he’s telling the world he needs “no doctor”. Taken from what I’m dubbing “the Marty-Files”, another video shot by Claudia, Taylor Hicks fan and apparent videographer-at-large.

Taylor Hicks, as evidenced in the Marty-Files, the man is working a new look. Perhaps a remnant from his vacation in the Gulf? I’m likin’ it.
“No Doctor”

video brought to us by clo59

Considering the original musical, “Grease”, was set in 1959 and Hicks rocking that new goatee, I set out to review men’s hairstyles in the fifties. Look a magazine popular during that time period (have a few copies in storage), proclaimed the Van Dyck, now spelled Vandyke the most popular in men’s beard styles. The ‘roots’ of this facial hair fashion statement reach way back to the Beatnik days. It seems that jazzman, Dizzy Gillespie, is credited for starting the style. Gillespie wasn’t referred to as the Clown Prince of Jazz for nothing – when asked about the beard style he said it gave his lips strength – as in the story of Samson. The Vandyke, also known as a goatee, became a statement of the more artistic minded men of the times. So, is the facial hair adding extra oomph to Taylor’s mouth-harp playing?

Man, here’s a thought, (no password required to read my meandering thought processes) it would be quite cool to have the touring Teen Angel a Vandyke sporting, finger snapping, harmonica playing Cool Cat kind of Angel.

My next topic is now rather old news (I’ve been busy with real life lately) since it has been circulating the internet for the past week – Taylor Hicks has committed himself to releasing his next original material album, coming to a store near you in February 2009. Hicks announced he will be working with famed producer Simon Climie. This guy’s worked with Santana, Eric Clapton and Faith Hill to name just a few slightly notable artists. Following that topic, on Climie’s official website under ‘future projects’, Taylor’s name has not been amended to the list – yet. That said, in this week’s follow up interviews with Taylor, regarding this topic, he mentions traveling to Nice, France to work with Climie to complete the CD.

Now, this time line will be quite tight; it’s currently October 12th and the new national “Grease” tour is set to roll out the first days of December. Realistically that’s only fifty-one days until the tour kicks off. Granted Taylor is going to have the occasional days off intermittently, during the run of the production – still, this seemingly a tight time squeeze considering that February 10th a mere four months future.

Perhaps the flight to Nice enters some sort of Time Warp. I’m game. It’s just a jump to the left.



4 Responses to Taylor Hicks Needs No Doctor – Perhaps Just a Time Machine

  1. No Comment says:

    Interesting look for Taylor – definitely not the AI Taylor of slick suits and clean-shaven appearance. I think at this point, Taylor is trying anything to appear more cutting-edge, perhaps to attract more people, at least, in his own age group.

  2. spinshack says:

    Yeah, I’m liking the looser look, he’s also doing some different things musically – I think you’re right. He needs more fans his age, good for the image. Man, anything but the rep he’s been tagged with – and one not really that deserved. I blame the reality show. ha.

  3. rosie says:

    Spin, The time frame does seem tight. However unlike last time this time I think he already has chosen the songs. I thought I heard him say he will be recording in Nice and L A. Sure hope he has the entire CD done before Grease. With regards to this video, I wish the other guy had such up as I wanted to hear more Taylor. For teen angel I’m hoping for a leather jacket with detachable wings. Then he’d be all set to sing his single!

  4. spinshack says:

    Love the detachable wings and leather jacket idea, rosie, that’s funny. Perhaps Wilson’s Leather could generate a whole new concept in jackets after that – a like biker meets angel thing. lol

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