“Grease” is the Vehicle

Taylor Hicks in the FOX 6 interview, what have I been saying?
Very smart play, Taylor.
“Vehicle” Ides of March

Life is a Highway, and it appears that Taylor Hicks has saddled up.


2 Responses to “Grease” is the Vehicle

  1. Some Day says:

    Well, I have to admit that is very good strategy to sing his single at the Grease show. But, the problem I see with this is that Grease typically beings in families with children. Your typical American family are not big music buyers, so i don’t see that this will work at all. Although, I can see that some will buy, if they love what they hear. Still, the only way to reach masses of people is if you’re played on the radio. Still, I give credit for Taylor for his spin on his situation, but still does not change anything.

  2. hicksaholic says:

    The thing I am having trouble understanding is how the single will tie in to Grease or perhaps it doesn’t have to. My first thought was “Oh shit- a single along the lines of BSD! Not good”. I guess there will be a transition that will allow a different type song -just not sure how it will happen. But for me more Taylor is always good.

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