Taylor Hicks, Hey It’s Your Birthday!

Taylor Hicks is back from his holiday – back in B’Ham, that is. Taylor joins Gypsy Sun at an old hang out, Marty’s Bar, Birmingham, AL on October 5th; two days before his birthday.

video c/o clo59
Video is cool for the black and white, but I wish the audio was better. Taylor, man, I’m really liking what you did with these guys.

It’s Taylor Hicks’ birthday today, cheers and beers all around! In honor of my favorite spazzman, a few birthday tunes.
“Happy Birthday” Beatles, rare version:

And last but best, one spaztastic soulman to another, Joe Cocker sings a song:

brilliantly created by jakepride
Guess what has been confirmed today? Taylor Hicks is indeed signed sealed and to deliver that new album February of 2009. Taylor Hicks cuts new deal with Artists To Market, an independent artist services company. Taylor Hicks is working with producer Simon Climie, who worked in the past with the likes of Carlos Santana (how I love and adore Santana). Mr Hicks is quoted as saying,

“In this digital age, when artists can connect more directly with audiences, this is a partnership that makes a lot of sense,” says Hicks. “I’m very much enjoying being in the studio with Simon working on the new album and look forward to releasing it through A2M early next year.”

A Happy Birthday, indeed, Taylor Hicks.
Time for some old school Celebration:


7 Responses to Taylor Hicks, Hey It’s Your Birthday!

  1. rosie says:

    Hey Sunny girl, I watched the vid twice last night. What a guy! He was in his element. Today he surprised his fans with the CD release date. Gotta love a man who can keep a secret.

  2. spinshack says:

    Man, he’s one of those quiet ones isn’t he? Love it.

  3. littlewing says:

    Love it, man. Hooray! Great vid, vintage Taylor. Taylor’s got the hookup now – his new deal with A2M is so very encouraging, after so long of having wondered whether he would ever get a new album out again. The pessiment in me had assumed the worst, that no one in the industry would touch him, and that he’d somehow been blackballed. He has shown, once again, his determination, strength and craftiness.

    *note to self* never underestimate, or be so quick to jump on the “naysayer” bandwagon, ever again.

  4. spinshack says:

    littlewing, regarding that naysayer bandwagon, it’s good to be grounded, you know, have the realist’s approach. Seriously, Hicks was tanking – he wasn’t following that road forward. To many “Grease” was a step back even further.

    I did not and do not think that – it’s a fucking smart move from the start. Hicks worked it as he could do and it was the right approach. This tour, a vehicle baby, to get him where he needs to go. Best thing he has done since Idol – this whole “Grease” gig. Interesting really. He never leaves me bored. hahaha.

    By the way, I want to say, thanks for your on-line friendship.

  5. spinshack says:

    rosie, that my dear, is one of Hicks’ best qualities, that ability to keep a secret. 😉

    By the way, you know you have done so much positive to assist in the fan movement forward. I felt from the start you were an ‘angel’.

  6. littlewing says:

    it’s a fucking smart move from the start.

    In total agreement with ya there, I just knew it had to be good. (as I not too eloquently tried to explain to a poster on orphans). I just felt it!

    Thanks, Sunny/Spin, I am proud to call you a friend:)

  7. spinshack says:

    Man, I’m proud to be your friend too, littlewing. You know, that song, whose title you’ve as your name, one of my absolute favorite tunes.

    Watching the anchors on Fox 6 had me missing Alabama. Loved to visit that beautiful state.

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