Whoopin’ it Up at the War Eagle: Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks partying and playing with the college crowd at the War Eagle Supper Club. Not a lot of ‘supper’ in evidence, with the exception of the liquid kind, perhaps. Much beer and “cheersing” flowing. (Listen to Daddy cut loose.)
“Can’t You See” Taylor Hicks with Rick Carter Rolling in the Hay

Then after a sip of some more cold brew, Taylor Hicks’ “Gonna Move” on to another tune.
Love the tag inserts into this version.

Taylor goes into those “Night Moves”.

Sounded like a fun gig, Taylor Hicks.


25 Responses to Whoopin’ it Up at the War Eagle: Taylor Hicks

  1. YES! YES! YES! says:

    Did my heart good to see NO SOUL PATROL in the crowd!

  2. hicksaholic says:

    Thanks so much for putting these up. I hadn’t seen Gonna Move yet. Taylor looks like he is happy to be playing with a band again. Just wish I had been there instead of sleeping across the street.

  3. rosie says:

    Thanks, as I viewed these elsewhere the other night, Idecided I don’t care for bluegrass. This must have been a private affair, since it took place in the wee hours of the morning. Looks like Taylor is off of his N.Y. sleeping schedule. Hicksaholic, so close and yet so far.

  4. sallyannlady says:

    Love all 3 of these- I prefer THIS Taylor to the glitzy Broadway angel. Hope we get to see more of this in the near future… before the Angel makes a comeback….

  5. rosie says:

    Sunny, I just noticed your warning to me . I tend to skip over the negative, name calling stuff and it is none of my business. Thanks for your concern but I’m not worried and have kind of figured out how far to go or no go. A few months back I made a comment Idletard, didn’t care for and the admin, said I was the fattest, ugliest SP C word and published my email address, and blocked me for a week. I took it as a compliment. There is fun stuff out there.

  6. spinshack says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine what you’d say that would cause that reaction from Smartie, rosie, lol. Regarding my ‘warning’ I was simply commenting ‘out loud’ so to speak to anyone in that ‘room’ listening.

    hicksaholic, fun time looks like had by all. Taylor and the boys were holding a par-tay! What were you doing across the street with all that going on? hahahaha. Yes, so close, yet… Perhaps he’ll be doing some more par-tays like this one while he’s waiting for the “Grease” gig to get going.

  7. rosie says:

    Spin, it was really nothing much that I said to cause the reaction. Me thinks it had a fight with its lover and had a case of the bends. It also said it had seen my pic on the internet when none exists. This is right before it was sued and seemed to be really taking risks. It is now behaving it self.

  8. spinshack says:

    rosie, that Smartie is someone you don’t want to tangle with, she’s one very smart gal. ha. She did not get sued, contrary to common opinion. She had to update her server, it crashed, so rebuilding was in order. Obviously I go there rather regularly.

  9. hicksaholic says:

    It was the weekend of the Auburn /LSU game and I was there for that(as I’m sure Taylor was too). The War Eagle Supper Club is a very popular college bar(it is actually ranked in the top 100 college bars). It is not private, probably a minimal cover charge to get in. Taylor and his band at Auburn played here a lot while he was at Auburn and later after he dropped out of school. I’m sure it brought back incredible memories. I understand Taylor called Rick Carter(one of the band members of Rollin’ In The Hay) when he found out they were playing Friday night and asked if he could join them. It was not publicized that Taylor was coming. Rick and Taylor go way back. It probably was just as well it wasn’t publicized. I don’t know how many of the Soul Patrol might have shown up. I am afraid they would have stuck out like a sore thumb in that college crowd. Of course the fact that he played from 2:00-4:30 limited it pretty well to idiot college kids who don’t go out til around midnight. I imagine Taylor wanted a chance to play with old friends at a familiar place with a young crowd pumped for a huge football game without having to worry about all the celebrity shit. Particularly after several months of singing BSD. Luckily he got it. Unfortunately I missed it.
    But given that I am over forty I would have stuck out like a sore thumb so perhaps it is just as well.

  10. Iknowandyoudon't says:

    That’s exactly the reason Taylor needs to lose the sp if he wants to be a success in the music business and it does my heart good to see him taking small steps toward that goal. The music business does not cater to middle-age woman and grandmas. It never has and it never will. Most of you don’t realize this, but most of you have killed his career.

  11. hicksaholic says:

    I really can’t deny what you are saying. Be it right or wrong having a fanbase that is made up heavily of older women leaves a perception that a singer is not “cool” I guess. But actually playing Teen Angel on Grease may send the same message. Taylor is caught between a rock and a hard place. It seems his biggest fans are older women and his fanbase is not large enough to try to drive them away. Doing gigs like The War Eagle Supper Club are great but it would take a lot of those impromptu appearances to reach a large number of young people. Maybe Taylor should issue an announcement that women over 40 or over 140 lbs are welcome to buy cds and belong to Taylor Hicks HQ but will not be allowed into concerts. Or perhaps my suggestion on another board that there be a special entrance for these women and they are put in a room that they can watch the concert but people can’t see in is not a bad one.

    I would love to hear Taylor really talk truthfully about his fans. It is kind of ironic that after 10 years of trying to find success playing to a lot of college kids now that he has it the women over 40 are the ones pretty much responsible for it or are at least the primary ones left.

    I am sure given the choice Taylor would rather have a younger fanbase. I would hope he is getting professional advice on how to grow the younger fans while not alienating his older fans(at least not until he has so many younger fans he needn’t be concerned about the older ones).

    I will say if a bunch of bedazzled middle aged women had shown up at The War Eagle the college kids would have had a field day making fun of them and Taylor by association. Let me be clear though, I am saying this is what would happen, I am not saying it is right.

    Too bad Taylor is not a entertainer in Japan. Isn’t that where old age is valued?

  12. spinshack says:

    hicksaholic, your post is hilarious! Thank you!

    Love the” special entrance for these women and they are put in a room that they can watch the concert but people can’t see in is not a bad one.” that’s a fabulous mental image. Like behind a one-way glass. hahahaha!

    Man, did you catch how ‘some of the fans’ decked themselves out for that BBQ a while back? All in pink with diamonds. Like walking Pepto bottles with rhinestones glued on. What is it about Taylor that brings out the bedazzler in so many? Big old, “Whoa!” if they’d found out about this appearance. gack.

  13. rosie says:

    hicksaholic, thanks for the laughs. The soul patrol would have shoved those guys to the floor and been woo wooing along to bluegrass. They would have freaked out the band members.

  14. Iknowandyoudon't says:

    “What is it about Taylor that brings out the bedazzler in so many?”


  15. hicksaholic says:

    Different subject- anybody know the website for Dingo’s political blog? I am guessing somebody here used to post on mj’s and might know it. I really want to hear her take on the debate.

  16. spinshack says:

    OK, who is Dingo? That’s not another handle of willpen’s is it? *confused* If it is then you can hit my links, she is in there.

  17. spinshack says:

    That’s a great link. I love the political circus, er, process.

  18. lwing says:

    Hey spin, dingo to many of us is a beloved and prolific poster in the land of Taylor, first at GC’s and then at MJ’s. I asked her for the link way when back over at MJ’s. I don’t think she’d mind me linking it. She was at the BB before she got banned over a heated debate with Gray Charles over some controversial comments made by Ray LaMontagne regarding Taylor. I don’t think that ban was fair at all. You may remember the name thedingoateyobaby from the days of GC.

  19. spinshack says:

    Oh, I do remember thedingoatemybaby, should have put 2+ 2 together. duh. lol I saw her recently at MJ’s. Too bad the BB had no sense of propriety when it comes to debates – what was she thinking questioning anything Gray might say? The taboo of it all. Gray’s a big boy he should be able to take a debate in stride, not be threatened by possibly not being right all the time. She shouldn’t have been banned for that issue.

  20. hicksaholic says:

    I can’t imagine dingo being banned. She is a joy to read and provides a different perspective. I would think Gray would be more tolerant although I don’t know the specifics so I guess I shouldn’t comment.

  21. littlewing says:

    Yeah, hard to believe huh? I believe she and GC subsequently made up over at MJ’s later on though. Dingo has the special knack of being brutally honest, but in a comedic and non-offensive way.

    Ah yes, those were the days at MJ’s, where the music and the comedy flowed. (who could forget her imaginary valium drips and those bunny slippers, lol.) I miss Dingo, Debs and many many others. Good times.

  22. littlewing says:

    trying a diff. avatar there, hmm I think I like the blue, LOL.

  23. spinshack says:

    I like the blue too. It’s one of my favorite colors. GC could and can be temperamental. Often intelligent folks are, they just can’t escape that – no tolerance for fools thing. Too bad GC keeps under wraps and away from the base – especially now. Perhaps he is just not interested any longer although my stattracker says otherwise…. lolz

  24. littlewing says:

    Yeah, blue is one of my fave colors too. Can’t say that I blame GC for staying away. So much BS that went down. I’ll have to say that he was diplomatic for the most part, but I loved it in the early days when he kept a tight reign on the overt fangirlyness. LOL. Prolly when he sparred with Dingo, at the BB, he was likely just venting some steam. But you know he’s got to be watching and waiting, behind the scenes. After all, he was just as awesruck as the rest of us in those early days.

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