Taylor Hicks’ “Early Works” On-Line, Heaven Knows, it’s Time

Taylor Hicks’ compilation CD, “Early Works” can be pre-ordered at Barnes & Nobles for pre-release sale, available October 28. On amazon.com however, one listing only specifies two CD’s available with one review from ‘Auntie Grizelda’. Their prices start at $10.99. Another amazon.com link, Dallas Texas Media, is offering the CD starting at $24.99 with a few more reviews. That said, Amazon.com is giving the CD, “stepchild” treatment with it being specified not eligible for Amazon Prime. This due to the the CDs currently being offered are not from amazon.com but rather individual sellers of this product. (Sort of like an amazon.com ebay source.)

Barnes & Nobles on the other hand, are featuring Taylor Hicks’ CD at $11.99 and including it with their shipping specials. Perhaps in the near future amazon.com will pick up the CD again, as a regular offering but currently, Barnes & Nobles is your go-to, on-line source. Even Target, the home of Taylor Hicks’ ‘exclusive deal’ is still not offering the CD on their website. Regarding other on-line venues, that will be up to you, intrepid Taylor Hicks’ fans, to go forth and discover.

Will B & N increases sales for the CD? I would think so since Target’s exclusive deal held the CD with limited quantities and a limited number of stores carrying the CD. Too, Taylor Hicks will be appearing across the country in the National Touring production of “Grease”, widening his exposure and getting his name back out in a wider spotlight. For the “Curious Georges” out there, after seeing the “Taylorized” version of Teen Angel, B & N provides that venue for purchasing Hicks’ other-than-Idol tunes.

Interestingly, the ‘label’ for the album listed on Barnes and Nobles is Welk Records. I went searching Welk Records (associated with Vanguard Records), but found no listing of Taylor Hicks on their emusic.com download site, nor in their main website’s artist’s roster.

Granted Taylor Hicks’ “Early Works” came out as being ‘distributed’ by this company, but you’d think they’d be interested in pushing the works on their site as well. While visiting the site, I explored some of the artists currently on their promotional pages, and man, they do offer a great listing of musicians including Indigenous, Chicago, Big Momma Thornton, Charlie Musselwhite, Levon Helm (The Band).
Levon Helm today:

Levon Helm in The Band days:

Mato Nanji, aka Indigenous (Man, he’s gorgeous; amazing musician with a Stevie Ray Vaughn influence.)

It’s a positive find seeing Taylor hit the B&N website, I hope the CD stays up and doesn’t disappear as seen on amazon.com – prior to the Target deal. Excellent timing with the CD becoming on-line with the “Grease” tour kicking off in December. Now we need to see Taylor Hicks tunes available on iTunes and emusic.com. News in my “Rumor Box” indicates that may be happening in the near future. Is the “Rumor Box” speaking Truth?
“Heaven Knows” Taylor Hicks

video c/o jeannemarie3


2 Responses to Taylor Hicks’ “Early Works” On-Line, Heaven Knows, it’s Time

  1. rosie says:

    Sunny, I clicked on your wrong blog but since I’m over here, I’ll say what I would have said over there. I recall people saying that when his Grease gig was up Sept. 7th, the boards and blogs would be dead. Did not happen. People are buzzing all over the place. Don’t worry about what other people think or write. Well it is easy for me to say as so far I’ve kept a low profile. What I notice is some people don’t seem to be able to read the written words and then come back and say so and so said such and such. I even read people misquoting Taylor. There is a lot of the didn’t take her meds crap, said because they can’t read or don’t agree.

  2. spinshack says:

    Thank you rosie.

    It is a common occurrence in this fan base to try and twist every sentence, every situation to stir up issues of conflict. I’m really pleased for Taylor that the blogs are buzzing and folks are talking about him – it is a good thing what he’s doing. Besides, man, I’m a fan, not a judge and jury. I’m not going anyplace regarding Taylor, he’s just too fascinating as are his fans.

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