Mingling of the Music; Everlast

I love how Everlast melds electric and acoustic guitars along with keyboards to create unique tempos, beats with his combination of singing and rapping delivery. Man, the guy has a unique, creative sound going on. Found these three tunes over on the ol’ youtube. One of my favorites, and the most rocker oriented, “Babylon Feeling”. Of course the Santana influence only helps it along.

Everlast with Santana, “Babylon Feeling”

video c/o LumpyTheCook

Everlast “Black Coffee”

“She smelled like flowers, she tastes like toffee
She kissed me slowly, she held me softly
Got too close and she backed up off me
She left me stone cold sober just like black coffee
Just like black coffee, just like black coffee , just like black coffee”

Everlast “7 Years”

You can check out some of Everlast’s tunes at last.fm. Tour information for Everlast is located in this well-written article in livedaily.com.


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