Everlast Tunes: “This Kind of Lonely”

“Put Your Lights On” Santana and Everlast live version, great combination; Santana’s flame throwing guitar work and Everlast’s full-throated growling.

video by the grace of TheGero; gracias amigo

Perhaps Taylor Hicks has something along this line regarding new music he’s working on for that post-Idol soph album.

“This Kind of Lonely” Everlast. Laid back tune, tinged country with a smack of sitting on the front porch Blues. Haunting steel guitar accompaniment. Video is a little ‘watery’ but the only one there is of a live performance.

video c/o milanv1

Everlast in 1999 at Woodstock. “Ends” Lyrics


2 Responses to Everlast Tunes: “This Kind of Lonely”

  1. willpen says:

    I have been trying to get back here for the last few days, since I saw all the musical goodies that you had left. I am gonna make my way slowly down.

    This dude is good. I love the quality of his voice and anything that I can listen to with Santana needs no explanation.

    I see what you mean in regards to Taylor. When Taylor is at his best vocally he can be up there with the best of them. I like the way that this Everlast mixes it up musically. The hip hop scratching tune is not really my thing but you have to respect it for how well it came off. The two other songs were right on the money for me. I would love Taylor to go somewhere out there for this next CD, but I doubt that he would.

    Thanks for these. Gonna go check out the others.


  2. spinshack says:

    Man, willpen, this guy has done a 180 from where he began… and he just gets better as he keeps exploring his soul.

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