Taylor Hicks and “Don’t Let Me Down”

You know it’s one thing to have an interest in a singer, celebrity, it’s completely another thing to consider oneself ‘Hall Monitor’ for that individual. This little phenomenon is commonplace among the fans circumventing American Idol contestants. Interesting in an odd non-important way but perhaps a study in what drives the popularity of that show.

It’s funny some of the tactics used to gang up or run off ‘elements’ that the kewl kids on the block deem non desirable. Like in my blog yesterday, these characters are still back in the school yard ganging up and playing bully. Just like those schoolyard bullies they find justification in random ways for their actions, and just like those schoolyard bullies, they are always on the side of ‘right’.

Another funny thing, many like to hide behind the ‘bringing it all back together’ facade while still carrying on the fight, behind the scenes so to speak. In the Girlfriends blog, once again Chill comes out looking like she wants unity, is against the name calling of ‘good’ fan, vs ‘bad’ fan, even starts a post about her let’s all get along facade. Well, it does make her appear to be fair and nice and sane, even though behind the scenes she befriends and makes wagers in order to intimidate and try to kick me off of a certain site. That whole concept an obvious attempt brought out by the troubled 15 Minutes of Fame person designed to keep me away, natch. So obvious, so low-brow and so childish. Ah, those Kwazzy Fanatics.

Then there’s the sisters of Taylor Hicks’ fandom who are incessantly yapping about suing this person or that. Man, litigious must be their middle name, if it’s not one thing, it’s another issue that has them screaming ‘court’ and ‘criminals’. Then, as a side note, curiously at the top of Chill’s site, she has in her website “…be nice” as something Taylor Hicks supposedly said in reference to the fans.

Apparently that does not apply to many of the ladies at the Girlfriends’ site. That or the definition is what is the issue. Let’s see, “Nice”.

Ah, Mr. Hicks, I think certain somebodies are letting you down.

“Don’t Let Me Down” Taylor Hicks

video c/o sunnydey1

You all be nice.


10 Responses to Taylor Hicks and “Don’t Let Me Down”

  1. willpen says:

    Sighhhh !!!

    I see that the natives are getting restless again. Taylor really does need to get out there again before all his fans end up going berserk. But wait, most of them are already.

  2. spinshack says:

    This whole corner of the internet concerning Hicks and the American Idol peeps teeter on the verge of berserk. hahaha

  3. DreamHrt says:

    Do not refer to all fans when you must be board and pull out the name calling. I am not and will never be teetering on the verge of berserk in the Taylor HIcks fandome. I run my forum and do my designs. I enjoy Taylor as much as a fan could. However I am tired of all of his fans getting labeled because of a girlish cat fight between them. I am fed up with all of this and wonder why others are not as well. Are there not better things to discuss?? This is getting so flipping old I could puke. Taylor has enough issues to deal with. Isnt it time to try to give him a positive feed back rather then always hearing how his fans are nuts….
    Find somthing better to do with your time would ya?

  4. Dancer says:

    Any normal fans that Taylor had in the beginning got run off the boards by the bullies and the seriously delusional…coupled with the fact that he had NO radio hits and bad press like he stole another man’s GF in Star Magazine….hard to be a fan of someone who doesn’t do anything in the music business and bad press for an AI winner is the kiss of death. It’s like they set these AI contestants to be the perfect people and megastars and then they set them up to fail.

    AI is on it’s way down – the writing is on the wall.

  5. spinshack says:

    Dreamhrt, I know who you are and your forum. You have responded to some of my blogs in the past in a “happy” way since I must have been writing what you wanted to read. (You explained your forum isn’t one of the kewl kid forums because you really have no inside information on Mr. Hicks.) Why do you feel the need to say you design/ run your own forum and your own site in every single post? *yawn*

    One thing, it’s not ‘board’ that would make me like a plank of wood, or a website forum, which I’m certainly not; it’s B O R E D. I haven’t addressed you per se as berserk, but you are acting rather berserk in your post… It’s funny how you feel the need to defend yourself on NOT being berserk and then act this way. Maybe ironic a better word.

    This was a joke between willpen and myself. Regarding your foolish assessment, I have given positive feedback on Taylor Hicks plenty in the past – hell you posted one of my blogs on your site very recently. uh ohs….

    Try and get a grip on reality. This is my site, I can write what I like, just like you do on yours. I haven’t come to your place with a list of what you should do, so in the view that you are quite obviously experiencing a berserk moment, I’ll let this slide.

    Dancer, just read the post above yours. What you say is quite true regarding why some have left the b o a r d s. Regarding Mr. Hicks’ love life, that’s past and right now really a non-issue. He does need work on the music.

  6. Dancer says:

    Sunny, no Mr. Hicks love life is not an issue right now, but it was in the past. I really think the beach blonde photos and the write-up in the gossip rags and the whole ‘fake’ GF stuff hurt Taylor very much. People want to be fans of REAL people not fakers. I think a lot of fans said ‘good-bye’ at that point. Anybody who says, “it’s all about the music” is wrong. It’s about E V E R Y T H I N G the performer says and does. Do you remember the Dixie Chicks? Nuff said.

  7. spinshack says:

    You’re right on several points here. Regarding the Dixie Chicks, we use to go see them even before they were ‘famous’, they played the Dallas area frequently. After all their political bullshit I have lost interest.

    Reading some folks saying ‘we have no right to question Taylor, his actions, his motives’ is nauseatingly mindless speak. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. Makes me question my intelligence just reading those phrases.

    I’m still a fan of the guy, even though that whole beach babe situation was a mess. I do think he has lost fans because of it.

    Man, thanks for stopping by, by the way.

  8. rosie says:

    spinshack, I need to only respond to the fake girlfriend thing. If there was ever a call girl, and Tay on the beach, don’t you think someone, anyone, even the rag Radar, would have given her a name, an address. by now? To this day I believe people were fooled, and so lamely. by some very outspoken but sick people. I have gone back and read it all, as I was not reading the boards at the time it all took place. I can not believe this has once again been brought up. Either one likes Taylor as a song writer and performer and as a person, or they do not, period. I saw him as close as one can get, and did not try to read his mind, and I liked the guy. I can not stand all the chaos. He has said the kharma wheel should turn in the right direction, and he is no saint. Why does anyone bring up a so called fake GF at this point in time? He did not gain or maintain some fans, because he had no hit song, and many wanted him to be the new ELvis. It is my very humble opinion, that Taylor Hicks is very happy he went on AI, feels proud that he won over some very strong contestants, and is working as hard as he can to maintain his career and AI5 win. Call me crazy, but I have faith.

  9. rosie says:

    Oh thanks so much for the video. That is one of my top 5 Tay performances and as always peace out. Any Taylor Hicks fan is a friend of mine. Thanks so much for blogging about him…

  10. spinshack says:

    I very much agree with you rosie regarding A.I. and Mr. Hicks’ working on his career. He keeps on keeping on. willpen’s got a Taylor blog up today, check her out. Always good to see you’ve been by, rosie.

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