Taylor Hicks’ Elusive Deal with Target

I beg to differ with some of the usual Taylor Hicks’ bloggers encouraging folks to run not walk to the local Target for their copy of the Taylor Hicks’ “Early Works” CD. Oh, and don’t look on-line, Target doesn’t have it for sale there either.

Before anyone wants to immediately label me as just spewing negativity or lies, man – I did a little research this morning. I pulled up Target on-line thinking, as I cued in “Taylor Hicks” in search, that one of those cute ads that some of the other bloggers had displayed on their sites would pop up with some sort of happy exclamation that yes, indeed the new Taylor Hicks compilation CD was actually ready for purchase.

Instead what I found, after hitting ‘enter’, this PAGE. So I stepped it up, went in a general search only to be directed to THIS PAGE. It is Target’s on-line area that takes you into amazon.com which we know isn’t selling “Early Works”. Low and behold, no on-line marketing of Taylor Hicks on the Target sites. What has the Target reference spelled “Exclusive”, been actually intended as “elusive”? That word is seeming to fit much better.
***Correction, August 13, you can purchase this CD on-line, apparently at amazon.ca. Those lucky Canooks. Of course, I doubt that amazon.ca will hold it against you if you’re not Canadian. Go ahead, order your copies.***

My curiosity peaked now, and after grabbing another cup of Joe, I decided to pull out the cell phone. After all it does say in the gray print not all of Target’s offerings are available on-line. (That first cup always encourages my reading comprehension.) My thought on this was though, since reportedly Taylor Hicks has penned this elusive ‘exclusive deal’ with Target you’d think interested parties could buy the new CD on-line through them. What do I know? Obviously jack.

I picked up the phone and called one of the largest Super Targets in Dallas. I mean this is a mega-Super Target, and not wanting to start at the middle I went to the top of the Target food chain, locally. I also asked to speak to the manager in the music department, man, I wasn’t going to mess with a mere salesperson. Manager-Man came to the phone within a minute or two; I inquired as to whether he had that new Taylor Hicks’ CD, “Early Works” in-store. The man paused and then said, “Who?”

I gave the guy the run down that his company had this exclusive deal to market Tayor Hicks’ new CD, “Early Works”, mentioned that Taylor Hicks had been on American Idol a while back. I’m sure this impressed him, he cleared his throat, said something to the effect that he did not know the name, and likely thought I’m a complete loser in the musical tastes. The guy said, “Hold on and I’ll see what I can find out.”

He returned to the phone and said, “Oh, we have a couple of them, I saw two.” Being the Curious George that I am I asked can you tell me how many you received today? He looked it up in their magic Target computer machine and told me, “Two”. I thought to myself as I hang up, ‘two’ what the hell kind of promotion sends in two lousy CD’s for the first day of sales?

Not stopping with that mega-Super Target, I called another Target closer to me. That sales manager informed me they didn’t have any, to check the Super Targets they might. This sales guy had no knowledge of this CD and apologetically added he wasn’t familiar with ‘that guy’.

So I thought, well this is Dallas, I’ll go to Taylor Hicks’ ‘homeland’. I pulled up Targets in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Target in Fultondale told me they did not carry it, nor did he see it coming in on his list – he advised me to check the Birmingham area Super Targets. I called the Trussville SuperTarget next. A very polite sales girl and about three other people went into discussion about not knowing what I was asking for – I could hear them over the phone she had laid on the counter. Salesgirl returned with negative news, they did not have any in stock, had not received any nor was there any on the incoming list.

I hit the jackpot calling the Birmingham 280 Super Target, they had received 10 copies in stock and at the time I called, had three left, obvious some fans in the B’Ham area.

Here’s the store with three left:
Birmingham 280 Corridor SuperTarget
4616 Highway 280 S
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 408-7687

None of the other stores had any copies in the B’Ham area.

So before you go walking, running, or drive in your car to your local Target, call first. Good luck with finding the “Early Works”. Perhaps more will be on the way, I mean after all this is just the first day of offering the CD through this big Target promotion. There is always re-orders and you can call and just bug the crap out of those sales people who don’t know who you’re asking about – that is one grassroots way to get the man’s name out.


7 Responses to Taylor Hicks’ Elusive Deal with Target

  1. Whatever says:

    Sunny, you are hysterical!

  2. willpen says:

    I agree with Whatever. You should take this act out on the road. I haven’t had the urge yet to trek the 4 or 5 miles to my nearest Target to see if they have any. Maybe next week if I have sometime and I need to go to Target to buy their version of Listerine, ( it is just as good as the real thing and much cheaper) I will pop over to the music session and see for myself.

  3. Debbie says:

    Why would anybody know about it when Taylor doesn’t even bother to promote it on his own myspace or have a press release. Seems he needs a day off Broadway to check out his album. Does he know he released one? I am so upset the way his career has been handled from the start that it keeps me upset ,that maybe I’m going to have to let go.

  4. SHL says:

    Hi, I have to agree with the lack of promotion on T’s MS and HQ. I signed on today thinking that at least EW would be on HQ and the NEW tracks playing on MS. No such luck. IMO this guy is wasting the release day by NOT supplying all Target stores with a modest amount of copies; let’s say 10 to each store. That would not be an over kill but it would fill the demand for the first day.

  5. rosie says:

    Sunny, I live in Balto. county Md, and went to Target about 2pm. Early Works was on the top shelf, right next to the Jonas Bros, just like on the ad. It was also on the bottom shelf . I bought the last one from the top shelf and there were several missing from the 2 stacks on the bottom shelf. I was glad to see several had already been purchased, and never thought to inquire how many others they had in store. I bought my one and only and knicked up the damn cover trying to get to the cd, while trying to drive to a mall to clothes shop. I had never purchased In Your Time and definately enjoy those tunes over Radar, so I skipped over Soul Thing and the Deal, which are begining ro grate on my nerves. If other Targets around the country are not stocked, a few fans may have had a heart attack by now. We will hear about it one way or the other.

  6. spinshack says:

    Well, rosie, that’s good news. I was struggling this a.m. in my quest for the CD. Hopefully there will be other shipments here locally. Couldn’t imagine that one store with two CDs as the first shipment.

    LOL – I see you were in a hurry to open that bad boy. Oh well, a little nick just gives it character. Made me laugh thinking about you opening that Cd in such a hurry the case chipped. I almost broke a bloody CD once I was in such a frenzy to open it. That would have been worse, hey?

    I love both those tunes but yeah, they’re seriously in too ample over supply when you’re looking for a Hicks fix on-line. I love that “West Texas Sky” with the Spanish guitar flair.

  7. CrazzyGurl says:

    There was a quite a stack sitting on the bottom shelf of my local Target, but the Jonas fans were in the way and I couldn’t get to them. 😉

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