Taylor Hicks Call Superman, Jim

July 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks’ Fanatics in Fandom – the ladies who pound the fonts over at Chills – once again have faced down the evils of speculation, battled internal strife, and finally have risen champagne cork ready to celebrate the most important issue in their lives: Taylor Hicks. It’s been a real Comedy of Errors again, something that would make Mr. Shakespeare likely laugh out loud. I know I have.

This episode of the Fanatic Dramedy opened with Act One, the announcement of Taylor Hicks’ compilation CD hitting amazon.com and other markets. Then, “poof” that CD just went and vanished, sans explanation from the market. Next came those pesky “speculative bloggers” to ask questions, to wonder, hailing in the Second Act.

It doesn’t take much in the land of Taylor Hicks’ fans to get them all upside down and panties showing – this little bungle in the internet jungle proved to be a stressful situation for the delicate Fanatics. Of course, coping mechanisms as they are, the Fanatics rallied in the usual format; like cornered beasties, they gathered, asses together and fangs to the forefront, gnashing at anyone and anything remotely considered a threat to their tenuous hold on sanity and reality. The Third Act of our play focused on the lack of communication from the subject in question, Taylor Hicks.

Naturally any inquiries to Taylor Hicks’ motives, thoughts, actions or lack thereof are going to be met with considerable concern. I mean do you question why God does what he does? I think not. Much ado about nothing ensued with back and forth jibes and innuendoes bantering back and forth among the Taylor Hicks’ bloggers. Act three winds to a close with a new blogger on the scene…or are they ‘new’?

This week’s Taylor Hicks Comedy of Errors goes into Act Four with the announcement that “Early Works” isn’t completely in the bargain bins after all. Rather Taylor Hicks has inked a deal with Target, an “exclusive” type of marketing plan. Sighs of relief echoed around the internet resounding from their keyboards, evidenced by their happy, self congratulatory postings. Virtual Champagne buckets filled, corks a virtually flying, wrapping to another “all’s well that ends well”. Sighing or rather typing in relief, the Fanatics have weathered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Act Four doesn’t end on that note alone, it seems that in their midst has always been a hero, a savior guaranteed to make things all well and safe in their land. All along this Hero has been there, they’ve just been rushing in and out of phone booths. Act Four ends with these words, “LOL I change clothes in a phone booth”.

My take, instead let’s call Chill “Jim” for short.
“You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off the old lone ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim.”

On the other hand, I just keep asking those questions, like “Where Are You Going?”

I’m know where I’m going – California.