Taylor Hicks Vs The Devil’s Advocate

Taylor Hicks, for a brief time, had his “Early Works” CD on the market at numerous locations for pre-release sales. One location, amazon.com, has dropped the CD and has refunded monies paid to purchasers. No word from Taylor’s group what happened there, although there were some fans who created theories published as facts to compensate for any authentic news. (It sold out according to them.)

Best Buy still has the Taylor Hicks “Early Works” CD but continues to state the release date as August 19th; from what I’ve read in ‘TaylorLand’, it’s been bumped up to August 12th. You’d think the PR guys with Taylor Hicks would have that changed, but like everything else in the land of this man, all must remain without explanation.

Today, on one blog I read,

“As Taylor enters a new chapter in his career with a brand new CD on a brand new label dropping this Fall, a new national and international tour next year, a compilaton (sic) CD of his pre-Idol days called “Early Works” (out August 12 – details to come shortly), a DVD of his 2007 concert tour,and presently, the star of *Grease* on Broadway, I thought back on the first time Simon Cowell saw Taylor and said he “should be singing backgrounds – not in the forefront”.”

Note, this blogger still trapped in Season Five, American Idol.

She continues with:

“I only hope he walked on the corner of 47th and 7th Avenue in New York City this summer to see Taylor’s 10 story billboard – or better yet – the reactions he’s getting from the 100,000 or so theater-goers he’ll have played to this summer at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.”

Simon Cowell’s a busy man, doubtful he’s prowling New York to check out Taylor’s billboard.

“He recently said in a radio interview that he’s happy to have regained control of his career. This “Grease” gig is probably the best career decision he’s made yet.”

That part was a little confusing since it followed the Simon remark, but she’s talking about Taylor gaining control – I think Cowell’s career is just dandy.

My question is how does she know when this new CD is actually ‘dropping’? There’s not any legitimate information to be found on the exact “when” of it. Heck, the “Early Works” compilation CD seems to be getting all bungled up in it’s own little mire much less think to the future and a new CD. Regarding ‘label’ Taylor Hicks is not signed to a label. He’s marketing the “EW” CD through Vanguard as a distributor. Labels and distributorship are very different. Now if they are talking about the Modern Whomp Records label, that’s something that Mr. Hicks has talked about starting.

Should you be interested in looking up Taylor Hicks’ Modern Whomp Records, all that is available, currently is an image. Record labels notably have websites that include pertinent information about themselves and their products. Take Calvin Ayre as an example and his Bodog Records site – importantly there is contact information, and address information establishing it as an actual physical presence. Googling Modern Whomp Records all the seeker finds is that emblem designed by the Monkbot site owner and past Gray Charles poster, Shelley. Now that’s not to say something might change in the near future. Y’all take heart, now.

Then there’s that pesky DVD promised. I’d have to dust off the cobwebs in my archives to find out when that originally was promised but it was like two years ago, and to be titled, “Whomp at the Warfield”. Taylor Hicks does love his “whomp” word. Well, we have folks still out there with fingers crossed, holding out that we will see that hit the shelves one day. God, I love optimists.

Regarding Taylor Hicks’ new National and International tours that the blogger included in her post, Taylor Hicks has no way in Hell to hold a big National tour much less travel internationally. Who’s funding this tour? (Certainly those Meet and Greets at the Brooks Atkinson not sufficient to do that…) What venues would he fill to capacity to warrant a massive tour and what the Hell does he have to offer (in reality) to establish a National and International Tour? *whispering* Taylor Hicks is not John Mayer, Taylor Hicks is not Chris Martin. People, wake up and smell my Starbucks, or don’t, your prerogative, again, I love optimists.

One other thing folks, fans of this man, let the American Idol shit go, even on this blogger’s site, an image of a hot air balloon with Chris Daughtry’s face on it. She captions, with Daughtry supposedly speaking,“I Know I’m a Poser! I Know I’m a Tool! But I Can’t Stop Licking Clive’s Ass! Yum!” Nice.

The best thing anyone who likes Taylor Hicks can do is stop living in 2006 and join everyone else currently in 2008. Oh, and step through that looking glass people. Some folks seriously resemble that Lewis Carrol story in thought and action. Thank you.

video c/o xavierXreivax


16 Responses to Taylor Hicks Vs The Devil’s Advocate

  1. soulthing says:

    Sunny – if you’re going to quote my blog, at least have the courtesy of giving the address so people can make their own bottom-line conclusions. I’ll save you the trouble: http://www.soulthing.blogspot.com. And thanks for the promo – much appreciated!

    And just a small correction – Vanguard is not the distributor – never was. It was Welk Music Group that was going to distributed Early Works. EMI recently made a deal to distribute the record label under Welk and all the individual deals made with them, thus EMI is now the official distrbutor of the Early Works CD.

    Read and learn:

    “…Welk Music Group, which includes such prestigious record labels as Vanguard, Sugar Hill and Ranwood, and EMI Music, one of the world’s leading independent music companies, have entered into an agreement in which EMI will provide the Welk Music Group with digital and physical sales and distribution services on a worldwide basis. In addition, EMI will provide licensing and synchronization services on a non-exclusive basis to Welk’s acclaimed roster of artists. Bluegrass music fans are quite familiar with the Sugar Hill Label…”

    “….Over the years, Welk’s group of owned and distributed labels feature an electic artist roster ranging from American music icons such as Dolly Parton, Rodney Crowell and George Jones; Adult Rock stalwarts Linda Ronstadt, Joan Osborne, Sinead O’Connor, Robert Cray and Blues Traveler, and emerging artists such as Matt Nathanson, Indigenous, Carbon Leaf, The Alternate Routes, Pictures and Sound and distributed artists such as Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters, Taylor Hicks and Hootie and The Blowfish…”

    And as far as Taylor’s future plans and what he said he has lined up for the rest of this year and early next year, it comes down to how much faith you want to put into his words. And remember, just because a new record label hasn’t been revealed to the world yet, doesn’t mean there isn’t one already in place. And as far as a tour – I wouldn’t be concerned about that – he’s been a touring musician his whole life and I suspect he’ll go on being one forever, regardless of whether he does or does not sell out every venue. Even the biggest of stars are finding it hard to do really well on large tours in this current economic state. Have you checked their revenue and gross profits lately? Didn’t think so.

    It all comes down to what you want to believe and how cynical you are. There’s no right and there’s no wrong – it’s just your point of view. That said, you always come across as siding with the cynics, Sunny. That’s fine, though, it IS your perogative just as it’s my perogative to goof on Daughtry 😉

  2. spinshack says:

    If you read the whole post you’ll see I have indeed included your link to the blog. It’s near your Chris Daughtry nonsense. Just read the whole thing. Thanks.

    Regarding your argument on the record distributor it came out of Taylor Hicks information that it was Vanguard distributing the record. Vanguard is owned by Welk, so your argument is just sort of the chicken and the egg in theory. The group is tied together. If you want to argue exact semantics fine, but the EW CD was originally advertised as distributed by Vanguard. I don’t feel like finding the link. So that page long information you provided really doesn’t make me wrong, just makes you more interested in trying to make me seem that way.

    I never say you are wrong regarding that National and International tour information, I’m just pointing out that it is just fan speculation.

    I’m not ‘siding with the critics’, I’m speaking my OPINION. I have no idea who or what critics you are speaking about. Sorry if it verges more on the realistic side than an entreaty into fan fantasy. I know to question any Taylor Hicks information offends your sensibilities as well as many others.

    Remember, I did write how I love optimists.

  3. spinshack says:

    Oh, and the spelling of prerogative = one of my pet peeves. Perogative vs prerogative Just my way of trying to share whatever meager bits of knowledge I may possess.

  4. soulthing says:

    Eh, whatever with the spelling of perogrative vs prerogative… take it up with my college prof.)

    And my gorgeous Daughtry picture stays forever. In fact, I’m thinking how to decorate it further. It’s beautiful and it accentuates his bloated head – and ego. I love it!

    And your point about realistic vs. fantasy opinions – It’s a matter of interpretation of what he says. You’re cynical about it, I keep the faith and spread the word. That’s the point of *my* blog – to offset the negative and promote the positive. It’s as simple as that.

    And finally, nothing you say in your blog offends me. Trust me on that.

  5. CarMay7 says:

    Well, who in the hell cares? When EW comes out, whoever distributes it or what label it’s under makes no difference to me, I’ll buy it. That’s simple!

    The only thing that offends me is when people try to write about something they care nothing about and know nothing about. That is a joke to everyone and a waste of their precious time.

    P.s. Soulthing, I love your daughtry head, it’s funny as crap.

  6. spinshack says:

    CarMay regarding writing about something they know nothing about, this blog is a matter of my opinion, my take on things, that’s that. Whether right or wrong, I suppose that’s up to the reader’s perspective.

    Regarding the Daughtry balloon, that’s just juvenile. This fan war situation with the ‘chrolls’ etc sounds so lame brain it’s unreal.

    Soulthing, what do you mean take the spelling issue up with your college prof?

    A. There’s a right way to spell and a wrong way.

    B. What does your college professor have to do with this? That sounds so stupid. It’s like saying, I’m telling my Mommy. hahahaha. Besides, lady haven’t you been out of school quite some time? Just saying.

  7. rosie says:

    Ladies please

  8. Bertha says:

    I sure did enjoy reading your blog, spinshack. I think I might be able to answer your question about that DVD cause it really is just about to come out any day now. I was just around at Mabels yard sale today and she said she was expecting Taylor to start dropping them off somewhere around Sept 12th, 2095, so we’ve only got about 84 more years to wait before we get that DVD. At least we’ll have EW’s before that time, cause Mabel said Taylor promised he’d get the first trunkful to her by the year 2090, and we know that if Taylor said it, that it’s got to the truth.

    Soulthing, that sure is strange that you got a picture of Chris Daughtry on your blog, but I guess you must be one of his fans. I tried reading your blog, but it was kind of like reading one of them fairy tales, so I think I’ll keep reading this one, cause it sure is a lot more interesting.

  9. Whatever says:

    I hate that Daughtry picture. It makes you look very, very jealous of Daughtry’s success. How anybody compares Daughtry with Taylor Hicks is beyond me anyway. They are as different as day and night. Daughtry is mainstream – Taylor is NOT. Accept it and move on. The competition was TWO YEARS AGO, for pete’s sake!!

  10. spinshack says:

    Good to see you Bertha and Whatever. Me and a few Hicks fans were just hanging out debating whether that college edumacation that Soulthing received from her long past college prof from TechTard U was worth the tuition. I don’t think it was. I’m thinking she was ripped off.

  11. daughtryarehot says:

    I think she might have wasted her money, spinshack, unless it was one of them free courses she took at a yard sale, cause I know Mabel holds them every week, so she just might be the professor soulthing was talking about.

  12. Bertha says:

    I sure do think she wasted her money, spinshack, unless she got her diploma from one of them yard sales, cause I know Mabel teaches a class every week, so she just might be the professer that Soulthing was talking about.

  13. anyone home? says:

    The problem with Soul Things post is that it’s not optimistic, it’s bullshit. None of the things they have mentioned are even happening. There is no album, there is no tour and there surely is no international tour. And where is that DVD anyway? Being #1 obsessed about Taylor Hicks and glued to your Google alerts does not make you any kind of music business intellectual and obviously doesn’t make you any smarter. What crack are these people smoking?

    And why on earth are we discussing Simon Cowell? How much you wanna bet Simon Cowell doesn’t give a rats ass about Taylor Hicks and is laughing all the way to the bank while rolling around in his latest set of 200G wheels? How much you wanna bet Daughtry doesn’t give a rats ass about Taylor and perfectly happy getting his ass kissed in Hollywood?

    Do this blogger realize how JEALOUS they sound?

    Blogs like Soul Things just prove time and time again why the media has made such a joke of the Soul Patrol. A delusional group of fanatics living in some reality that simply is not real.
    Taylor Hicks is in a play. Hello? It’s a play. Not Quentin Tarantino or Oliver Stones latest epic – A PLAY. The cheesiest play on Broadway I might add. Grease. Anyone home?

    And Good Lord, if you’re going to attempt to pretend you are Taylor’s hack marketing team – at least learn to spell before you hit “publish.” Is that too much to ask? Obviously.

  14. Bill says:

    Taylor is still trying to figure out his explanation, he’s not real good at keeping his lies straight, but he’ll come up with his big announcment eventually. He’s been so busy moonlighting as an icecream man, he just doesn’t have time for his fans right now.

    Thanks for the link to that blog spin, some loon’s there for sure! It will be a perfect addition for Taylor’s new movie about looney fans. That pic and comments will be added to the script, sure do hope Taylor enjoys the read.

  15. spinshack says:

    I’m so happy to see you Bill, I too think these women folks will make a great addition to the Taylor Movie.

    anyone home? Thanks for your wise words, that’s exactly how I read that post at that blog and how most of them sound. Delusional and most pro-Hicks bloggers are tragically uninformed regarding spelling and other issues: reality for one. ha.

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