Taylor Hicks Says, Dan’s the Man

July 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks has entered into a program with Consider it Dan. This is a travel outfitter for special events and concert packages. Dan Berkowitz, owner and operator has a great deal of experience in putting together specialty packages for entertainers and special interest groups.

Considering venturing to New York City to see Taylor Hicks? This trip package is billed on the site as ‘a weekend to remember’ with two tickets to “Grease”, an autographed playbill and a private Meet and Greet in a private group setting. You also will be receiving two nights’ accommodations at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Now on its own, the hotel would run about 576.00 for two nights. Tickets to the show can be obtained for $150.00, Rear Mezzanine, $165.00, Front Mezzanine and $175.00, for Orchestra seating.

I worked in the travel industry for about ten years, I specialized in wholesale packages for a mass variety of destinations that included most of Mexico, parts of Europe, Hawaii and ski resorts in the U.S. It was fun, exciting and I saw a part of the world for free, after all the participants in the packages, air carriers, hotels, rental cars, motorcoaches (fancy name for a bus) and other vendors all wanted me to see what great products they had to offer. I also did work on the side organizing family vacations and group educational tours. My job was to make their trips go as smoothly as possible, down to the last mile and pit stop. It was great fun, but a lot of work.

I’m sure Dan, with his wholesale arrangements, obtains a much better rate than the average Joe on the street, but all in all considering what it would cost you, the fan, to make these arrangements on your own, Dan’s offering you a reasonable rate with the bonus of meeting Mr. Hicks. That’s meeting Mr. Hicks without the mass of screaming fans pushing and shoving you. I hate the screaming fan pushing and shoving scenes, don’t you?

Now I’m not a big proponent of paying to meet a celebrity no matter who they are, but this deal offers you an opportunity to stay at a fabulous hotel in a great location as well as score tickets to the show. You also will have Mr. Berkowitz overlooking the details, assuring everything is taken care of for you. He has a positive reputation as a tour operator.

Information on prices and details on the inclusions can be found on the website, you can click HERE. Regarding how you get to New York, fly, drive, boat up the coast, take Greyhound; that’s up to you.

Led Zeppelin-Travelling Riverside Blues(the ’90 music video)

video c/o kilu 1971
kilu gives us this little gem of information:
“Travelling Riverside Blues” is a blues song written and recorded in Dallas, Texas by legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. Johnson’s June 20, 1937 recording has a typical 12 bar blues structure, played on a single guitar tuned to open G, with a slide. It was first released on the 1961 compilation LP King of the Delta Blues Singers. The song has proved popular with more recent blues musicians.