Taylor Hicks Teething on Broadway: the Magical, Mystery Mega-Star

July 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks once again holds a “convo” with another MTV reporter. This time it was with Garth Bardsley. By the way, if you’re wonder why MTV is spending so much time with Taylor Hicks lately, well, they’re neighbors. Yes, the glorified offices of MTV, the same folks who had no clue how to spell Gram Parsons’ name, are located right around the corner from the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Now at least Bardsley spells everything correctly and doesn’t have any names of past or present musical artists to misspell, instead we have this clever cliche; ” American Idol season-five champ Taylor Hicks is cutting his teeth on Broadway.” “Cutting his teeth”? Really.

Readers also learn about Taylor Hicks’ upcoming surprise, apparently Taylor, “spilled the beans” about someone considered as a “megastar” who may be considering recording one of his newly penned tunes. Ever enigmatic, Mr. Hicks wouldn’t spill who this ‘bean’ in question might be but he did drop the gender; apparently it’s a female “megastar”.

Naturally, Taylor Hicks fans are expending time and keyboard strokes contemplating the ‘who’ of the news. Some of the fan exploration of this exciting news (!!!) included, Tina (Turner), “If it was Tina……I would flippin die! I just LOVE her!”, Carrie Underwood, “…some articles regarding Taylor next album will be little country like, hmm, the only mega country i know is Carrie Underwood.”, then that jumped to Celine Dion, “I will die from over excited(sic) if Taylor has a duet with Celine Dion…”.

Other speculation included Reba (McIntire), Dolly (Parton) and Faith Hill. Bonnie Raitt was considered, but this poster added, “I think Bonnie Raitt has a rich blusie sound that would work well with a Taylor tune, but I’m not sure she qualifies as a ‘mega-star’. “Legend” or something perhaps…”. Then the talk switched to Macy Gray and Alicia Keys. Of course Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera’s names popped up, as well as Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, and even Beyonce’. What, no Madonna? No Mariah Carey? After all, Carey was a previous ‘guest’ on Idol. I was also surprised Joss Stone wasn’t included, perhaps the “megastar” label not the right moniker for her. Also absent, Amy Winehouse, although with her “rehab” experiences, she’s quite ‘last year’ and has tumbled off the “megastar” charts.

Even though it was written and stated in the MTV interview, this ‘megastar’ was of female persuasion, a speculator on this Taylor Hicks fan site added Maroon 5. That’s a whole group – of guys – sweetie; yet another fan excitedly added she hoped it was Lionel Richie or Stevie Wonder. Once more with feeling, folks, Mr. Hicks mentioned it was with a FEMALE. Add the “fe” and well, these three brilliant pieces of speculation, while entertaining don’t fit. Let me add a cliche’ – the one about the square pegs…

What do all of these names in speculation have in common? A couple of things. The most glaringly being, a lack of cohesiveness regarding concepts into who would work well within Mr. Hicks’ form of music. This opens the door to his fans’ obvious confusion about who he is and what type of sound he intends to embrace. Is Taylor Hicks ‘Pop’, is he blues, is he country? That circles back around to that “Modern Whomp” thing.

The names being thrown into the discussion are for the most part, entertainers who appear weekly in the latest edition of People Magazine or Us, with the exception of Bonnie Raitt and Macy Gray. Naming ‘guys’ and entire bands completely random. (Okay, so maybe they did not read the Beardsley MTV article, and just splashed off of that Soul Patrol diving board into the conversational pool.)

It would be interesting to see how Winehouse and Hicks would match up musically but in the MTV piece, there is not a mention of a duo in reference to this song, rather it sounds as if this gal is recording it on her own. Whether it would be included in the next Taylor Hicks’ album along with whatever other tracks he has been working on is also not specified. Still, to have some sort of ‘megastar’ with your song you wrote on the charts, not a bad accomplishment.

Amy Winehouse

Joss Stone