Opinions are Like…?

What is that adage? “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” Most people carry opinions about issues they encounter in daily life. We form opinions about what to watch on television, who to listen to on the radio, what internet sites to crawl over. What to wear, what to buy, how to act.

Regarding what to listen to and how to act seems a nice stopping point for my subject of assholes and opinions. Opinions seem to be a main point of contention among folks who call themselves fans of any given celebrity or singer. There are many individuals that make a killer living out of that – giving out their opinions.

In the world of my wacky little focus group – the American Idol fans and their heros, I have to say it is my Opinion that the fans in the Taylor Hicks fan base must be some of the most vociferous. Vociferous and sometimes vicious.

Opinions are a huge source of conflict and upheaval amoung Taylor Hicks fans to the point that debate even goes on about what really constitutes one, and always if yours is acceptable or correct. If you fall into the unacceptable category because you might not love and adore the man from silver hair to pinky toe you’re branded not a fan and cast out with your Opinions slated as mere ‘hate speech’. In the world of strident fans only positive words and uplifting commentary make you a real fan and save you a spot in the Taylor Hicks fanbase heaven.

You see, according to his ardent fans, expressing your non-fawning and blunt opinions are about as welcome as showing them that area you sit on. They don’t want to hear anything but the highest and most glowing of praises in reference to anything the man might do. It’s not opinions they want – its some sort of strange validation of continuous praise which make them feel all is well in the world. Taylor Hicks has become a real live personalization for them. They take any words that could be misread or misconstrued and work themselves into a lather of righteousness and indignation as if you’d insulted them or one of their real loved ones. It is sweet so many feel intensely about the man, but there are some that take this obsession to the extreme.

One of his fans who runs with the moniker, ‘reader’, a.k.a. 15 Minutes of Fame, will post everything written at all negatively about him on rag mags like Splash on a daily basis. This burgeoning serial killer stalks those they feel cast any pebbles against Taylor Hicks’ name. They bring the term “stalker” to a whole new level, but that’s just my Opinion, I suppose. This is normal behavior to some such as this individual. That would be their Opinion.

I read this little gem of insight recently concerning Mr. Hicks:

To me, an opinion is:

I don’t like that role he took.
I didn’t like his performance.
I didn’t like his song choice or how he sang it.

Which is nothing like:

He’s a loser.
He’s stupid.
He’s pissy.
He needs to do what I say.

See the difference?

Saying someone is a loser, or stupid or pissy are forms of opinions. It may not sound nice, but it is someone’s Opinion. It’s how that particular individual viewed the subject (Taylor Hicks) that day. They may not be descriptive nor hold reasons for the opinions, but yes they are Opinions. Let’s look for a moment at how the word is outlined in the real world.


1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second medical opinion.
4. Law. the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.
5. a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.: to forfeit someone’s good opinion.

I think what the writer of that above statement meant – those weren’t expressions that they felt appropriate or liked or held merit. When as you read the Webster’s meaning they are indeed expressions of opinions.

What that individual wrote wasn’t anything factual, merely her Opinion on what made up an Opinion. Perhaps they might just be a little confused with the definition of what they’re trying to define.

My Opinion, it may just be a study in definitions that define how each of us think about issues. Even issues as mundane as debating what we feel toward and about a celebrity like Taylor Hicks.

Some people had the Opinion this guy was Sexy:

Opinions, yes we all have them.

3 Responses to Opinions are Like…?

  1. real life says:

    Spinshack, you are an open minded and intelligent individual. That is problem #1. People like that do not work well in this “Soul Patrol” or whatever it is.

    I do not understand cult mentality of how everything must be seen as perfect and good. Everything must be spun as positive or we risk being ostracized. We risk being a “bad fan.”

    I live in reality. In reality, nobody and nobodies decisions are always perfect and right. But these fan boards are not reality. They are BS which is why I don’t join in. And those who say we must all be thrilled with everything Taylor does strike me as closed minded individuals who live in fear. These folks have put a little too much weight into being a fan. They obviously use fandom as their sense of self worth. If Taylor is slighted, they are slighted. Very strange. Why must they feel that an opinion that is not fawning is dangerous to Taylor somehow? For God sakes, we are human, as is he.

  2. spinshack says:

    Right on target, real life, they take anything said not in the most glowing and delicate terms and turn it personal. There are a few that go so far as to become really emotionally and physically upset. Wild.

  3. ItTakesAllTypes says:

    Here, here….. I applaud every word you wrote up there. You reiterated what I said over on Keeping it Real. I have lots of opinions about Taylor. So what. I think he is sexy, I think he has a phenomenal voice, is a great performer, a talented song writer, I also think he is too goofy for his own good sometimes, too cheesy to be taken seriously by the legitmate music world and on and on. I was poised to go see him on Broadway. Do I think its the best move in the world? I have no opinion on that. I really don’t. The only reason I am not going is because I couldn’t find anyone to go along with me. What does any of it mean? Nothing….

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