Taylor Hicks Fans: Abstain from Drugs!

There are many and various great reasons not to do drugs. Now I’m not talking aspirin or the occasional sleep-aide type med. Rather I’m here tonight to speak about mixing keyboards and hallucinogenics. It’s not a good idea.

Taylor Hicks fans know that their man has not been an Abstinence Angel during his life time – perhaps playing a Teen Angel in “Grease” helping him fly that right path. (I kid.)

Taylor Hicks is adding an additional from the usual profit, uplifting totals by $150,000.00 a week for the production. Man, that will buy a lot of Duck feed…if you’re feeding Ducks. (I’m not.)

Now I know Taylor Hicks is nobody’s Angel in real life, he’s gone out and partied, had his fun; man, so have I. Drugs, yeah, I’ve done some, purely as a – you know – an ‘educational theorist standpoint’. I mean how can I write about something I haven’t actually experienced? Wait. I have written about murder and haven’t done that …(yet)

Anyway as a precaution and notice because I care so much for all of the Taylor Hicks fans out there, I just wanted to caution everyone about the dangers and say, “Man, stay clean, stay real, stay off of drugs.” Reason for my concern tonight? (freaks)

A few examples:

celebrityblondebabe // July 9, 2008 at 11:10 pm

“You are definately” (sic) “a delusional fan…cross out the fan…let’s say…You are definately” (sic) “delusional if you confuse Ducks with Swans…of course, if you have never been a Swan, haven’t lived the life of a Swan plus don’t recognize a Swan…and only trapse”(sic)”around in muck all your life…then, maybe it’s not just a delusion, but confusion. What one’s breeding does is to
expose that there is indeed a mix of a classless society vs. a classy society. What one does not get…one will never get. One man’s joke…is another man’s realization of those that lack good taste.”

Read the entire tale and see a video at IDOL BLUES.


2 Responses to Taylor Hicks Fans: Abstain from Drugs!

  1. Lubiana says:

    Cool blog! Sunny, I’m enjoying your posts very much. 🙂

  2. spinshack says:

    Thanks Lubiana. This was a funny one to do. ha.

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