Taylor Hicks “Early Works” CD Song Listing

No information on how the sales are coming along on this CD being released by Taylor Hicks in August, but it’s up for grabs at amazon.com as most loyal Hicks’ fans are aware. The link for information, comments and purchase is “Early Works” by Taylor Hicks. He’s incorporating that one picture of him that I ran originally on my blog header.

IDOL BLUES once used this picture I created out of combination of photos – love this look back in his ‘early days’ with his hair longer and fuller, just more attractive to me than the really short cropped look he favors currently. I think I might later on put this back up as the blog header for the time being in lieu of his upcoming ‘new’ CD.

I love the “West Texas Sky” tune, as well as “Somehow”, “The Fall”, “Soul Thing” and “Son of a Carpenter”. My least favorite is “Tighten Up” just not into that tune at all.

1. Soul Thing
2. The Fall
3. Hold On to Your Love
4. The Deal
5. Heart and Soul
6. In Your Time
7. West Texas Sky
8. Somehow
9. Tighten Up
10. Son of a Carpenter
11. My Friend
12. Georgia


One Response to Taylor Hicks “Early Works” CD Song Listing

  1. TeenAngel says:

    Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. I need to get my hands on Early Works cd. Taylor you are a great musician.

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