Taylor Hicks vs Pan vs The Muck Ducks

July 9, 2008

Taylor Hicks’ fan sites are keep on keeping on in their same old same old tracks.

Yesterday, that crazy side of me that just has to ‘go there’, sent me posting on Chill’s. What did I expect? It’s like that adage, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s crazy to even attempt to carry on any sort of dialogue with “certain people”. It is true I have had my moments of snarky fun at their expense, but man, ladies who live in glass houses…Besides, I had been fine with Chill, we’d come to an understanding of sorts.

Taylor Hicks has been noted as possessing some unique “characters” who call themselves fans. Several rival anything that could be made up in a fictional story. Some sites have referred to these colorful folks as “Loons”, when in actuality they’re more like Muck Ducks, you know, the ducks that wander along the edge of a pond with beaks dredging the mud. I laugh at the ‘loon’ comparison since I resemble that remark from time to time myself, especially when I know I’m likely to step into a steaming pile of muck and go there anyway. Speaking of the ‘muck’, first time I stepped into the “Hicksian Muck” was late last year and yes, initially without my rubber waders. The whole fan wars thing that erupted among the Taylor Hicks factions was often funny, occasionally sad, sometimes borderline “Misery” movie scary, but always interesting.

I first met The Muck Ducks during my association with MFOYA. I had found the MFOYA site by accident through another Hicks’ site. Upon first reading MFOYA I was struck by so many folks gathering in one on-line location to dance to the beat of this blogger. MFOYA was an excellent and sly storyteller weaving a web around their audience with a cunning that was Greek God Pan-like exceptional.

Admittedly I was fascinated at the mind(s) behind MFOYA and how readily readers were to either hate the site owner(s) or to follow them. MFOYA epitomized the fabled Pan, he the Greek God of shepherds and flocks; Pan was said to possess an ability to lead large flocks to dance at his whim and could also create panic and fear – but was also known for an ability to inspire and stimulate thought. MFOYA was just like that.

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