Taylor Hicks: Fans There is NO Guarantee

Sometimes, I think the folks who dub themselves ‘Soul Patrol’ and Taylor Hicks fans only imagine they know what they want. Hitting the reality button, it seems that when they each signed up as fans for the man, their preconceived notions and impressions have had to go through some changes. Perhaps that’s why so many are in turmoil with what really drew them to Mr. Hicks.

Was it the Sam Cooke, “A Change a Gonna Come”? No, I think that’s what perhaps grabbed some attention, but what captured the viewers of American Idol during Hicks’ reign on the show, was more the “NO guts, NO Glory” attitude of the man. So why now when Mr. Hicks makes decisions to carry that life force that is his wild and restless spirit, the very thing that make some decide to bail out of his fan base?

Hoops this man won’t jump through. Taylor Hicks won’t sit when you tell him to “sit”. He won’t “stay” on command. So what were you looking for when you sat on your asses and cast all those votes while he was on that reality show? Did you think you could make him your puppet? Pull your strings and make him dance and jump? Think again.

To think that he owes us as fans is right. In saying that I mean it only so far as he needs to honestly recognize, communicate and respect those who follow him. To think he owes fans in so much as to play organ grinder monkey to their specified music, that’s another matter. Taylor Hicks is not your monkey, he’s not your slave, no matter how much money you have to spend to follow him.

If you’re a fan who appreciates the man – the man as he stands – you might be in for a fun and interesting ride. Full of twists and turns and quirks. If you’re in this with Hicks to try and dictate, you’re in the Wrong Place.

To appreciate Taylor Hicks you have to have a place in your heart that knows where ‘those wild horses run’. You have to have a place in your soul open to that free spirit. Anyone who knows horses knows that you can’t tame Mustangs. They have to want to be your friend. It is similar to that.

You Run Taylor Hicks. This Sun Shines for you.

U2 “Wild Horses”

video c/o DutchMacPhisto


One Response to Taylor Hicks: Fans There is NO Guarantee

  1. Lubiana says:

    WOW! GREAT blog! I applaud you and agree with what you said 100% 🙂

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